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Alvar Aalto Centre Germany e. V. Wolfsburg

The non-profitmaking Society Alvar Aalto Centre Germany e. V. Wolfsburg was founded in 1998 on the occasion of Alvar Aalto's 100th birthday.

In Germany, Wolfsburg presents the central work of Alvar Aalto with its three buildings. The aim of the Alvar Aalto Centre, according to its constitution is to convey to the public the structural and architectural theories as seen in his architecture and to preserve his buildings.

The Society undertakes all necessary measures to maintain the buildings with professional methods of protecting historical monuments, restoring and further developing the three buildings in Wolfsburg. It voluntarily faces up to matters and critique arising from such questions.

Guided tours to Alvar Aalto's buildings are offered by the Society to there visitors who are interested in architecture in the context of Wolfsburg's historical development. At intervals publications are produced on Alvar Aalto's work and the architecture of the City.

List of available Literature

Wolfsburg Architekturstadtplan

Die Broschüre zeigt die architektonische Bestandsaufnahme der Stadt Wolfsburgs des Jahrtausendwechsels anhand von ausgewählten Einzelobjekten ohne Anspruch auf Vollständigkeit. Sie ist zu sehen als notwendige Ergänzung zu der Veröffentlichung »Architektur in Wolfsburg« von Cornelia Thömmes aus dem Jahr 1996. Gleichzeitig werden aber auch der Einstieg in die Gründungsgeschichte der Stadt geboten sowie die Bauten von Alvar Aalto und Hans Scharoun vorgestellt.

Herausgeber: Alvar Aalto Zentrum Deutschland e.V. Wolfsburg
Fotografien: Bernd Rodrian, Wolfsburg
english summary, 24 Seiten, Format 21x11 cm
ISBN: 3-922618-26-X
3,50 € zuzügl. Versandkosten

Book “Architecture in Wolfsburg”

Information on architecture and town planning of the city of Wolfsburg n the publication titled "Architektur in Wolfsburg". This book especially describes monuments, architectural ensembles and other buildings that have a profound impact on the city's appearance. Using photographies, short texts, and plan views, a total of 46 buildings are documented. The buildings of Alvar Aalto are also displayed comprehensively.

Publisher: Cornelia Thömmes, Berlin and Braunschweig
Photographies: Heinrich Heidersberger, Wolfsburg
80 pages and one postcard with book-mark, German and English,
Size: 100 x 200 mm, 120 images,
ISBN 3-922618-14-6, © Thömmes
unfortunately out of print

Book »Alvar Aalto und der neue Humanismus der Nachkriegsära«

Autor: Peter Reed, Kurator am Museum of Modern Art, New York, Department of Architecture and Design.
Reprinted by permission from Alvar Aalto: Between Humanism and Materialism, © 1998 by The Museum of Modern Art, New York.

Publisher: Stadt Wolfsburg, Stadtbild- und Denkmalpflege, mit dem Alvar Aalto Zentrum Deutschland e.V. Wolfsburg.
Conception and design: C. Thömmes und M. Steffen
Translation: Peter C. Goldsmith
Translation of the preface: Prof. M. Freyhofer

7,00 € plus shipping

Alvar Aalto Sketchbook

This is the sketch book which was presented in a draft version at the Alvar Aalto exhibition in the Berlin Pavilion (winter 1998/1999), with drawings made by Alvar Aalto, containing rough sketches and working drawings at various scales of the cultural centre in Wolfsburg, today called the Alvar Aalto Kulturhaus; from the first sketches of urban planning ideas to full-sized detail drawings, each printed on high quality transparent paper. The choice of materials and finishing gives the sketch book an exclusive character, only 250 numbered copies being printed. Manfred Steffen, Cornelia Thömmes and Wolfgang Wittig were responsible for compiling the folder and the choice of the architectural drawings.

Publisher: Alvar Aalto Zentrum Deutschland e.V. Wolfsburg
Size: width 420 mm x height 297 mm
Contents: approx. 60 pages, 5 intermediate pages with short explanatory texts and 4 pages jacket.
Jacket: high quality hand-made of 2 mm finnboard, cover seamed, end paper in paris blue, bound with 5 threaded connectors.
Slipcase: thin corrugated laminate board with embossing

unfortunately out of print

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